We have a tentative cover!

Superpowered cover sketch

My artist friend got in touch with me today and delighted me with a preliminary cover.  Needless to say, I’m damned pleased.  He’s got a good deal more work to be done with penciling, computer line art and of course photoshop, but it’s heading in a great direction.  Once it’s done, the book will be available on Kindle!  I’ll keep this blog updated as more develops.

By jamiebworth


Based on the hastily written pitch for Superpowered, Amazon saw fit to move me on to round 2 of the Createspace ABNA contest! Seriously, I can’t even express how excited I am. I’ve received so much positive feedback on the book, and this is just more validation to keep pushing pushing pushing. I’ll pop in to update every so often on the progress of the book, so be on the look out! Expect a cover within the next week or two, at which point the book will be available on Kindle!

By jamiebworth