“Gee Jamie, shouldn’t you be like halfway through the second book by now?”

Yep, it's right about there

Yes, yes I should be something like halfway through the second book, or at least a quarter of the way.  But my writing has been on hold for weeks now.  I’ve had a few health issues lately, first starting with a viral thing with my eyes that made me incredibly light sensitive.  So much so, that I essentially sat in the dark for two days straight.  Then I got over that, and I was working like crazy.   Then the big thing hits.  I wake up one day, and have a searing pain in my back.  Now, it’s not the first time that’s happened.  There have been times where I would wake up with this issue, and it’d be gone after a day or two.  It’s always sucked, but I’ve dealt with the occasional flare up.

But this time, this time everything was different.  It didn’t go away after a couple of days.  It didn’t go away after I started seeing a chiropractor.  The pain was constant, and nothing helped, except laying down.  Even then, the pain was ever present.  Finally went to an actual doctor.  They prescribed me a few very helpful drugs, and some physical therapy.  The drugs at least let me make it through work each day.  Plus, I really feel like physical therapy is going to do me some real good.

Now, why do I mention this?  Well, it’s reeeeeally difficult to write while laying down.  Granted, I’m writing this while laying down, but it’s a short little excerpt, and my feet are starting to go numb from propping up the laptop.  So, while I’m about four chapters into book two (and I’m told it’s already damned good so far) it’s unfortunately on hiatus at the moment.  Once I get past this little setback, I promise I’ll get back to writing.  But in the meantime, I need to lay on my heating pad with the dial turned all the way up.

By jamiebworth

My goals with Superpowered

Rhino goalsI’ve spent a lot of time thinking about what I’d like from Superpowered.  Not just from this book in particular, but what I’d like from the world I’m writing, and more importantly, what I’d like to get out of writing.  Ever since I was in high school I’ve enjoyed writing.  Prior to writing Superpowered, I hadn’t written more than maybe a few thousand words.  I remember writing an epilogue to “Firestarter” for a high school assignment (scored an A+), and I also wrote a sequel to Jurassic Park (before I read Lost World).  Of course, those things are nothing more than fan fiction, but it was still a start.  I wrote little things here and there, but nothing substantive.

I wrote nothing for years and years, but my life hit a rough patch a few years back, and the wheels in my head started turning.  I got a really interesting idea stuck in my head, and wrote out an entire story idea.  It ended up being about 15 pages worth of storyboard, but I really liked it.  For the record, that idea was NOT Superpowered, and my girlfriend is practically demanding I write out that story after I finish the Superpowered trilogy.  Obviously it didn’t lead to a book, but it sparked that desire in me.  I started writing out my thoughts a bit more, and expanding on my opinions on Facebook and other forums where I would express myself.

Then hobbies and events, and frustrations with my life led me to start work on this book.  Through writing I discovered just how much I enjoy flexing my creativity and pouring endless amounts of thought into my ideas.  As I kept getting closer to completing this book, ideas kept coming to me.  Of course there were the usual delusions of grandeur, but there were also other, more realistic things.  Follow up books, expansions on the Superpowered universe, publishing, book signings, so on and so forth.  Having a finished product in hand really got me to thinking.  What do I want out of writing?

That’s where things get complicated.  I’ve been poor my entire life.  I’ve been working menial jobs since I was 18.  Could writing be anything more than just a hobby that provides a little spending cash?  I would absolutely love nothing more than to make a living through writing, but I don’t know if that could even be possible for me.  Writing is definitely something I plan to keep doing, and I’d like to start with publishing one book a year, and eventually increase that.  Goals are a tricky thing to develop, especially when the goal involves something I’ve always considered a “pie in the sky” type of dream.

By jamiebworth

It’s looking like self publishing is going to be the way to go.

brick wall quote

So about a month ago after not making it to round 3 of the Amazon contest, I started submitting the novel to literary agents and a publishing company.  I wasn’t certain about the literary agents, as I pulled from a list and sent it to the ones that seemed to most closely match what fit my book.  However, I was essentially counting on one publisher in particular.  I had initially submitted to them just a couple months after starting the project, based on a friend pushing me to do so.  They turned it down at the time, but gave some very constructive criticism, and their kind words of encouragement really spurred me on to make a better book.

I’ve been hearing back from a couple of literary agents recently who unfortunately did not accept the book.  That was fine and well, especially since the biggest one I submitted to responded to me with a rejection.  No big deal, since I was waiting on a response particularly from the publisher I submitted to in the middle of last year.  Well, I heard from them today.  They had many more kind words, and they complimented the work I’ve done, and the progress I’ve made…but they still turned it down.  There goes that bit of hope I was holding on to.  I still have a number of literary agents to hear from, and I would love for any of them to be interested, but I’m not counting on it.

I have faith in Superpowered, and the world that I’ve built.  The characters I’ve designed (tons of which you haven’t even been introduced to yet, if you’ve read the first book), the reality I continue to define, and the stories that have yet to be told will definitely be written.  I will not be deterred by the lack of a physical publisher.  I don’t know if the book will ever see print, but it will definitely be available in ebook form, and soon.  The book cover has seen a long delay for various reasons.  Namely, the artist has been fighting off the occasional illness, and has been busy with his job and traveling.  He assures  me it will be completed very soon, but with today’s events in Boston (my heart goes out to everyone impacted by this tragedy) and his job working with a newspaper, it’s likely to be delayed a bit longer.

Besides, delays are all a part of the process.  I’ve been working on the follow up to the first book, but I’ve had my own health issues lately which have delayed me constantly.  That and I’ve been really busy with work and normal life things.  I keep turning the stories over and over in my head, just refining at least the narrative until I can get it all on paper.  It will all get there eventually.  In the mean time, I have to break through one brick wall after another.

By jamiebworth