BOOM! Actually did some work!

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Life can get crazy and throw us curve balls from time to time.  As I’ve talked about before, I’ve been having constant back issues for like a month and a half now.  Yesterday I felt pretty damned decent, and was able to get the entire ten page prologue for the second book written out.  I really enjoyed writing it from a different character’s perspective, especially considering how integral they are to the first book.  Considering that the entire first book is written in first person, and the second…and of course the third once I get there…writing even a chapter in a third person for a different character makes your mind work in a divergent direction than you’re used to, at least for the specific series you’re working on.

I have a number of other books floating around in my head, and even one that’s got potential for a lengthy series, but Superpowered is unique in that it’s the only one, out of all the books I’m thinking of, that is first person.  I’m gonna blame Hunger Games for that one.  Yes, I will fully admit to being a 31 year old male that LOOOOVES the Hunger Games.  I read all three books in a four day span, while working full time.  Of course, it didn’t hurt that I was working a call center job, and was able to read while working.  And yes, I loved the subsequent movie as well, and CANNOT wait for Catching Fire.  Anyway, Superpowered was born of my Hunger Games fervor, and my love of all things Superheroes.  I mean, why can’t a superhero have a compelling story?

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