My entry for Ponyfest 2013

So I’ve got a friend who does a contest every year called “Ponyfest” where authors turn characters from their books into ponies.  After some thought, I was convinced to take part.  Here are my entries!  First off, I present to you the tagline for my book:

Backed into a corner and left with few options, Dennis does what he has to to save his loved ones, even if it means abandoning his principles and finally acknowledging what he really is.

Amp Pony

So first up we have Amp as a pony!  In the book he’s the youngest member of the superhero group, and takes quickly to the main character Dennis.  He’s able to store sound, then amplify and emit the sounds he’s stored.  He loves traffic jams and dubstep!Broot Pony

Then we have Broot.  He’s an 8 foot tall bruiser who’s speculated to be the strongest super on the planet.  When he outgrew his first car (a volkswagen) he ripped it apart and hammered it into a set of armor that he always wears.Dennis pony

The we have our main character of the story, Dennis.  His ability is to see mere seconds into the future, which has saved his life and the lives of those around him numerous times.  He also has enhanced strength and speed.  Hania Pony

Hania is the leader of the super group.  Everyone listens to her without question, and she’s proven herself countless times.  She works side by side with her significant other “Malware”, who fully funds the group.

Mach PonyAnd last but not least we have Mach.  Described as a “diminutive dark-skinned dwarf”, his power of incredible speed constantly comes in handy.

By jamiebworth

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