Kickstarter: FAILED. Not all is lost!

So the Kickstarter campaign was an unfortunate failure.  However, good did come of it!  While the campaign was going, a friend of mine stepped up and offered to do the editing for free.  Paying for editing services was going to be a big chunk of the Kickstarter money.  My concern at this point is getting a cover done for this.  Unfortunately I’m a writer and not an artist, so I’ve got to locate a graphic designer to help me get a good cover going.  Once the book is finalized with the editing process, and I have a good cover done, then it will be available on the Kindle store, likely at $3.99.  Once I do the KDP select process (for promotions!) then it’ll be available for Nook as well.  Despite the Kickstarter failing, Superpowered still has a bright future!  I’ll keep this blog update as more information rolls in 🙂

By jamiebworth